Sunday, 15 January 2012

STYLE ICON OF THE WEEK: Leighton Meester

So, I know this isn't a very recent pic of Leighton Meester's style, but I find it so iconic and high fashion. I love how Leighton's style is insanely risky and daring, yet she works it off every time. Compared to her prim and proper Upper East Side Blair Waldorf classic prep girl look, the actress' look is reckless in an endearing, classy way. It seems like she's able to pull off any type of look. She's done high fashion couture, but also pulls off the laid back city girl act. Her fearless style is something everyone should look up to. 


  1. She's pretty ;)
    I follow ur blog.
    Ask round :


  2. Thanks for reminding me about this great dress,love it! :)

  3. i love Leighton Meester, she's such a style icon and always looks pefect :)

    ♥mollie from musicandmollie

  4. you two have a great style!! maybe you'd like to check my blog:)

  5. Shes sucha a babe and looks so fresh and clean in that dress its a bit of a risque' but she styles it perfectly xo

  6. Hi,I've just nominated you for the Kreativ Blog award,see my blog for details! :)

  7. love the dress (:


  8. wow, i love her!
    she is one of the most beautiful women i've ever seen :)
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    love :*

  9. I adore Leighton Meester! That dress is quite revealing, but it works on her.